Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One more thing.

In this post: Complete “Columbo,” classic Kors, annihilation for the client from hell.

So here’s the thing. When you drink half a gallon of sugar-free Hawaiian Punch 30 minutes before you go to bed you can bet the farm that you’ll wake up by 3 a.m. to pee. And so it was. Except instead of going back to bed I decided to horse around online for a while and ordered the complete set of “Columbo” DVDs — starring the unforgettable Peter Falk — from Amazon at a really-cheap-for-Christmas discount price of $52.49 with free shipping. Holy crap, I’m so damn excited I practically can’t stand it! (Don’t tell Sam, okay? I want to surprise him.)

Are you a “Project Runway” fan? For me, the best part of every episode is the runway judging, and the best judge EVER had to be fashion guru Michael Kors, who participated in the first 10 seasons. Here, in case you’re interested, is a YouTube mashup of Kors’ snarkiest remarks to various contestants. Is he adorable, or what?

And finally ... remember my recent post about the deadbeat client from hell who promised to send a money order to pay her past-due invoice by November 4? The one who begged for a one-week extension with a pathetic list of phony-ass excuses? Well, you guessed it: SHE DIDN’T PAY. I got absolutely NOTHING in the mail from her yesterday, which means Miss Loser’s account will be closed, shut down, deleted, annihilated, blown to bits and completely exterminated as soon as my web hosting company opens for business this morning.

I am another giant step closer to retirement. Glorioski.

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