Saturday, November 16, 2013

Writing a Howdygram post is the only way out of my neuropathy hell. Also William Powell movies.

In this post: Neuropathy hell, William Powell, Thanksgiving giveaway.

Thursday night was one of the miserablest — so miserable I don’t even give a crap if that’s a real word or NOT — nights in recent memory, where I didn’t actually go to bed AT ALL. Around 6:30 in the morning I finally dragged myself to the family room and slept on the chaise until 9, hung out in the study with Sam until he left at 10:30 to pick up my insulin prescription and a load of dry cleaning, and then headed back to the chaise, where I remained unconscious until shortly after 3. I totally missed lunch — HOLY CRAP! — and I don’t remember saying goodbye to Sam when he left for work at 1:15.

But here’s my point. (Yes, I’ve got one. I promise.) Usually when I have a miserable night it’s an isolated incident followed by several consective nights of restorative sleep. Not this time, people. This time I’m wide awake TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW, my feet are being zapped again with electric shocks and I’ve got a craving for a gigantic Marcytini with extra ice and a coaster. Writing a Howdygram post is the only way out of my neuropathy hell. Also William Powell movies. I’m thinking Life with Father (1947) with Irene Dunne and The Kennel Murder Case (1932) with Mary Astor.
And now for something completely different ... another reminder to enter our first-ever STUPID THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY, where three lucky Howdygram readers will win a tasty collection of Thanksgiving gumballs in a decorative tin. Click the image below to enter NOW. Thank you.
Holy crap. It’s 4:45 a.m. and I was almost ready for a nap on the chaise until I remembered that Sam set the alarm for 5 because he has to go downtown to the office for a few hours this morning. I guess I’ll go pour that giant Marcytini (see paragraph 2) and continue to hang out in the study for a little while longer. I don’t get to spend enough time with Sam when my sleep schedule is upside-down like this, so I grab every possible opportunity. (And other things, too.) Try to have a swell Saturday, okay?

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