Friday, November 22, 2013

Rick Perry, the gun-loving, abortion-hating secessionist.

In this post: Speedy deliveries, politics from hell.

Oh boy, everybody! UPS and FedEx deliveries are showing up SO DAMN FAST these days it’s making my head spin! I ordered Sam’s Vitamin D yesterday from and it’s already on the truck for delivery this afternoon. My Subscribe & Save crapola from Amazon is arriving today, as well — one day early — and if that’s not enough to give an old lady a brain hemorrhage, our new platform bed frame and bedskirt are being delivered, too! ALL ON THE SAME DAY!

Pictured below for your possible interest are Sam’s vitamins and my Amazon Subscribe & Save crapola for the month of November.
NEWS FLASH: There’s a senate race in Kentucky that makes me want to puke. Holy crap, I get email EVERY DAMN DAY from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee with panic messages about how the Koch brothers are dumping billions into a nasty smear campaign against Mitch McConnell’s Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes. This is an emergency! Please donate today! The Koch brothers are Satan! Alison has to win! Everything is at stake!
Although I can’t stand Mitch McConnell — he’s a card-carrying dickhead with no lips — I don’t live in Kentucky and I’ve already got more than enough political horseshit to deal with right here in Texas. Our governor, Rick Perry, is a four-time Howdygram Putz of the Week honoree and a right-wing, gun-loving, abortion-hating secessionist.
 I have to eat lunch now. Thank you for reading this, okay?

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