Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shopping on Amazon doesn’t require lipstick, wearing a brassiere or leaving the house.

In this post: Holiday food-fest, another AT&T fiasco.

Sam is on his merry way to Costco as I write this post, armed with a list of essential crapola to keep our faces entertained during the four-day Thanksgiving weekend. I specifically refer to:
  1. Brownie Brittle*
  2. Salt & pepper pistachios
  3. An industrial-size slab of lox
  4. “Loaded” potato salad (sour cream! cheddar cheese! chives!)*
  5. Sushi
  6. Jalapeño hummus
  7. Frozen Angus burgers
  8. Excellent breakfast burritos*
  9. Fully-cooked microwave bacon
I briefly considered tagging along except I’m having another battle this morning with hypothermia (my temperature is 95.2°) and Costco is usually way too cold for me. To cheer myself up until Sam gets home I decided to pick up a few healthy whatnots from Amazon, a pleasant activity that doesn’t require lipstick, wearing a brassiere or leaving the house. Today’s purchase includes jumbo containers of McCormick Brown Gravy and Poultry Gravy and a 12-can case of tasty Hormel Tamales. Stop laughing.
I just got an email from AT&T with our monthly statement ... AND THE PRICE HAS GONE UP AGAIN. Seriously, these clowns run the biggest money-grubbing scam on the face of the earth because no two months are ever the same even though we haven’t changed our service! (One digital home telephone line, an extremely basic Internet plan, U-Verse TV and a couple of wireless phones.) This time the bill is $327 ... about $33 higher than the month before. Sam will have a COW when he sees this ... and we don’t even have smartphones with data plans! Our only real splurge here is U-Verse TV. We picked AT&T’s most deluxe package (U-Verse 450) because I’m a stay-at-home old person with a high-definition TV who loves movies and HBO specials.

I’ll have to call AT&T later today to rip them a new one. It’s good for my circulation and sharpens my negotiating skills. Thank you for reading this.

*These are consumed by Sam because I have diabetes. I can eat everything else.

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