Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It’s the big time for Terrell, Texas.

In this post: Brawls and truck stops.

There’s breaking news tonight from Texas! Apparently Plano police arrested two 17-year-old boys after a fight broke out at a popular Whataburger restaurant on Coit Road Friday night following the Plano and Plano West high school football game. It’s not clear what caused the brawl — just a wild guess ... maybe the team that lost? — but the following video from a cell phone camera captured some of the fun. You will be pleased to know that no underage French fries were injured in the mêlée.

In addition to the high school festivities highlighted above I’m also thrilled to report that a huge new flagship Buc-ee’s Truck Stop will open in Terrell by November 2014. Buc-ee’s is apparently a Texas institution, and their flagship stores in Madisonville and New Braunfels are tourist destinations. The map below indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters in Mesquite; B) site of the new Buc-ee’s at Interstate 20 and Spur 557; and C) a gigantic Russell Stover outlet store, which is practically across the street. Russell Stover sells a lot of excellent sugar-free chocolate for diabetic individuals such as moi.
Buc-ee’s flagship stores have a cult-like following throughout Texas and the southwest and feature a unique combination of fuel, coffee, chewing gum, Slim Jims, fountain beverages in oversized cups with unlimited ice, tons of beef jerky, breath mints, a car wash, clean toilets, prepared food and cheesy gifts like tee shirts, keychains and pickles. At last, the little town of Terrell will be famous for something besides a state mental hospital and having the most doughnut shops per capita in the Lone Star State.
Holy crap, it’s almost 7:30 and I haven’t thought about dinner, so this might be a terrific night for pickles & biscuits and “Hardcore Pawn.” Thank you.

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