Monday, November 18, 2013

More high-quality entertainment from the Howdygram.

In this post: The Ritz Brothers go slumming.

Yes, people, it’s me again. Sam called about an hour ago to let me know he’d be working late again tonight — until maybe 2:30 a.m. — so I’ve decided to kill a little time with the Howdygram, a Marcytini and a low-carb chocolate bar.

In our continuing effort to provide high-quality family entertainment the Howdygram is pleased to offer two excellent video clips of the incomparable Ritz Brothers from a million years ago. In the first, the narrator is Mel Brooks; the man behind the desk is Adolphe Menjou; the scene is from The Goldwyn Follies (1938).

Next, the Ritz Brothers dance and sing “Let’s Go Slumming” from On the Avenue (1937) also starring Alice Faye and Dick Powell.

Since I’ll be alone here for at least four more hours while Sam stays late at work I think I’ll take a nice hot shower and watch an episode or two from the “Columbo” DVD collection that came last week. In case you care, this is a fantastic set of DVDs that includes EVERY FREAKIN’ EPISODE FROM THE ENTIRE FREAKIN’ SERIES and you can buy here it on Amazon just in time for freakin’ Hanukkah.

Thank you.

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