Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A tale of advanced insomnia, Newt Gingrich and well-fed convicts.

Welcome to Marcy’s continuing adventures in Diabetesland. Last night’s program featured ADVANCED INSOMNIA, as I sat up until 3:30 in the morning with my feet kablooey from neuropathy spasms and my hands on fire from the inside out. There’s not much I can do until everything calms down so I started writing this post in the meantime. Eventually I slept five hours on the chaise in the family room.

I’ve got a couple of excellent video clips for you courtesy of YouTube! The first is a segment from Family Guy. No kidding, people, I almost wet my pants when I saw this.

Next up is Newt Gingrich, the GOP’s self-appointed authority on just about every subject known to man — including dinosaurs and moon colonies! — doing his best Andy Rooney imitation as he attempts to reason out a better name for cell phones. Apparently Newt didn’t get the memo back in 2007 that cell phones are called SMART PHONES now, because he’s really stuck in a rut here.

In case you’re wondering, I’m totally in love with the new kitchen island cart I bought last week (see post) from HSN. Sam set it up for me on Sunday, and it’s probably one of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made online. For a mobility-challenged senior citizen like moi, a movable island in the middle of the kitchen is a tremendous step-saver and definitely makes it easier to prep and shlep. It’s also very cute. And it has shelves.

O.J. Simpson is making headlines again. This time he’s back in a Las Vegas courtroom trying to overturn his 2008 conviction for robbery and kidnapping, which carries a 33-year sentence. I’m not sure why O.J. is so anxious to get out of prison, because this photo sure seems to indicate that he has no problem whatsoever with the food. (I’m just saying.)
And finally, breaking news from our I Guess You Can’t Trust Anybody department concerning that brewing brou-ha-ha at the Internal Revenue Service. I know everybody’s having a cow that the IRS “targeted” right-wing tea party groups, but I don’t get the outrage. The tea party promotes a rabid anti-tax, anti-government philosophy ... wouldn’t you take a closer look before granting them tax-exempt status?

I need a pile of pickles & biscuits. Thank you for reading this.

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