Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fonts, twisters and corrective shoes.

That sound you hear in the background? THUNDER and TORRENTIAL RAIN! We’ve got a huge weather system grinding across the Dallas metro area tonight with a tornado watch until 1 a.m. This is an exciting development since there hasn’t been any measurable rainfall around here for months. As a matter of fact, I might stand outside on the driveway for a while and do Marcy’s famous Welcome Dance, which includes cane-waving, complicated footwork in corrective shoes and an original song. Also snacks.

Sam just called from work to tell me that downtown Dallas is in the middle of an imminent tornado threat and he’s evacuating the office. His preferred safety hangout during weather emergencies is the underground parking garage with a bottle of Perrier. On the following map you’ll note the big red scary blob over downtown Dallas and the fact that it’s all moving straight for Howdygram headquarters in Mesquite. Oy!
On Friday we’ll be heading 40 miles northeast to a medical center in Greenville, Texas, called Eyeballs-R-Us, where Sam is scheduled for cataract surgery at noon. On the way back I figure we can stop in Rockwall for a late lunch if Sam feels like eating something because there are lots of nice restaurants on I-30. The map below indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; and B) Eyeballs-R-Us in Greenville.
To cheer myself up during this current weather crisis I decided to help myself to an additional supply of new fonts because two billion is never enough. Here they are in case you give a crap. I’m especially excited about all those cute smiley-faces plus the “catchwords” font at the bottom of the left column with all the fancy-schmancy articles and prepositions. Isn’t life wonderful sometimes?
I should unplug my computer now in case there’s a twister on the way. Thanks for stopping by tonight and don’t forget to turn out the light when you’re done here.

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