Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I’m eating wintergreen TicTacs for breakfast.

This promises to be a HUGE WEEK at Howdygram headquarters, and I’m already so damn excited I almost can’t contain myself. The following is a list of anticipated events.
  • I’m eating wintergreen TicTacs for breakfast.
  • Our handyman is coming over to install solar screens today on all the windows on the west side of the house. Solar screens are amazing.
  • My big crate of smoked sausages arrives on Wednesday from FoodyDirect. I’m also expecting a pair of rattan storage bins from The Container Store, our new Delta showerhead from Amazon and, if that’s not enough, Weather.com is forecasting TORNADOES AND THUNDERSTORMS!
  • Sam has a follow-up appointment with the cataract surgeon on Thursday and I’m going to the podiatrist.
  • I can’t think of anything else. (I tried.)
It’s practically 9 a.m. and Sam is still in bed. I’d love to join him except our handyman will be here soon and somebody has to answer the door. Have a nice day, okay?

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