Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Five important things for a Wednesday night.

Just a quick little post tonight before I poop out in the family room with Meet Me in St. Louis and a lot of food. Five things.

THING #1. The madhouse we were expecting here at Howdygram headquarters this morning never quite materialized because almost everything came off on schedule and without a hitch. The only exception? Replacing the cracked bay window in the master bedroom has been postponed because the replacement glass was cracked, too. Holy crap and stay tuned.

THING #2. Anybody see Paula Deen’s meltdown on the “Today” show this morning? In case you missed it, she treated America to 15 minutes of fake sobbing and clueless blame-shifting, at one point commenting to Matt Lauer, “I is who I is.” What was that ... her best non-racist Uncle Remus imitation?
THING #3. Of all people, the Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke up this afternoon in support of Paula Deen and believes “she can be redeemed.” Seriously, Jesse? How much money is she paying for your valuable endorsement?

THING #4. Mazel tov and yee-haw to Democratic Texas state senator Wendy Davis for her brave and successful filibuster last night to prevent passing the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the United States. Vagina-obsessed Republicans led by Governor Rick “Einstein” Perry had been attempting to end safe and legal abortion services in Texas by shutting down every abortion clinic in the state. Perry, the Howdygram’s only four-time Putz of the Week award recipient, has already announced another vote for July 1, this time vowing to keep the “angry and unruly mob” of protesting women in and around the state capitol from interfering with his “important government work.” I’ve got a news flash for Governor Hairdo. Eighty percent of Texans DON’T WANT your stinking abortion restrictions, and that unruly mob of protesting women are your CONSTITUENTS. You work for us, you idiot!
THING #5. I loved the Supreme Court’s decision this morning to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act so same-sex marriage can be recognized by the federal government. It’s about time and this makes me really happy.

Sam is on his way home from work so maybe I’d better mosey along and publish this post. (In case you’re interested, Sam’s birthday is Saturday. But don’t tell him I said anything, okay?)

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