Friday, June 14, 2013

Rick Perry, the bogus job creator.

He’s done it again, people. Governor Rick “Einstein” Perry has vetoed HB 950, a bill designed to prevent wage discrimination against women that would have dragged Texas kicking and screaming into line with the federal Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that allows women to sue employers for wage discrimination. Why the veto? Because Perry says it could lead to “more regulations and hurt job creation.” And, you know, God forbid he should do anything for the women in his state, who are already breaking under the burden of unfair wages, forced pregnancies and childbirth, no public aid and reduced medical care options.
As for Governor Hairdo’s real record on job creation, he never bothers to tell you that jobs in Texas are primarily minimum wage. We have the highest percentage of underpaid hourly employees with no health care in the United States — more than half a million earning less than $7.25 per hour — ranking us right up there with good ol’ Mississippi. And Perry just signed a budget slashing $15 billion in programs over the next two years that cuts thousands of jobs in government services and education.

But wait … there’s more! This week Einstein refused to sign a bill making texting-while-driving a misdemeanor (he says he doesn’t want to “micromanage” anybody) but approved the “Merry Christmas” bill so public schools can’t get fined for hanging up construction paper Santas. Seriously, this idiot dude and his bullshit priorities really make me want to PUKE.

To cheer myself up I think I’ll take a nice hot shower, eat things and watch another Esther Williams movie. Thrill of a Romance and a large quantity of leftover Chinese food sound really PERFECT right now.

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