Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tide Pods make me feel a lot like Jane Jetson.

As I write this post it’s already evident that Wednesday will be a certifiable madhouse here at Howdygram headquarters. So far our scheduled visitors include:
  • A truck from the American Kidney Fund between 8 and 6 to pick up two dozen sacks of highly valuable donations — i.e., quilts, sheets, comforters, clothes, stunning shoes, videotapes and picture frames that I forgot to dust — which are currently piled three-deep in the front foyer.
  • Our handyman at 10 to replace the cracked bay window in our master bedroom.
  • Landscapers at 10:30 to mow, trim and whack the front the back yards.
  • A notary from Wells Fargo at 11 so we can sign our refi paperwork.
  • Schwan’s at 11:30 to deliver our biweekly haul of tasty frozen whatnots, including Krunchie Potato Wedges, Pot Roast with Gravy, Hot & Spicy Chicken Boobies and Mozzarella Sticks, pictured below in an effort to make you really hungry.
Incidentally, if you’d like to try Schwan’s home delivery for yourself just pay a visit to their website and check out all the pretty food. Thank you.

This afternoon I’ve been busy on eBay bidding for FreeStyle Lite diabetes test strips. And you thought I never had any fun! I’ve figured out that eBay has the best prices if you’re willing to screw around with all that auction baloney. In a pinch I can always buy them on Amazon at $28 (or thereabouts) for a box of 50, but on eBay it’s usually possible to snag 100 for less than $40 if you’re really fast and exceptionally motivated.

As you might expect, I’m really fast AND exceptionally motivated. At the moment I’m high bidder at $33 for 100 test strips from a seller in Holland, Michigan ... and the auction ends in 14 minutes. Holy crap!

To stay busy between bids I’m also doing laundry, a routine household project that became a lot more entertaining after I started using adorable Tide Pods. Not only are they cute, squishy and fragrant, but they make me feel a lot like Jane Jetson, who’d be proud to know that even a senior citizen like moi can become a housewife-of-the-future. Plus there’s no liquid detergent dripping all over the shelf in the laundry room any more.
Nice of you to stop by. I have to fold a bunch of underwear now.

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