Thursday, June 6, 2013

In Texas it’s okay to murder women who won’t have sex with you.

This has been a day for reflection here at Howdygram headquarters, and I’ve finally come to accept that I’m growing ruder as the years tick by. This is a sad fact of life based on chronic pain, a lot of meds and diminishing patience for idiots. To my credit, however, unlike most senior citizens, I never cut in line in stores because I really don’t have to. I almost can’t walk at all any more, so if anybody sees me in Costco staggering with my cane towards the checkout other customers clear the deck because I always look I’m ready to cry. Please don’t misread the expression on my face, however. I love damn near everybody, especially if you have free food.

I’ve got another example that the state of Texas places no value whatsoever on women. Everybody already knows that we have a misogynist governor who shut down Planned Parenthood and essential women’s health services and a legislature that makes it mandatory for women seeking abortions to have forced sonograms. And now, thanks to a jury in San Antonio, Texas, it’s also legal to murder women WHO WON’T HAVE SEX WITH YOU.
A jury in Bexar County just acquitted Ezekiel Gilbert, pictured at right, of charges that he murdered a 23-year-old Craigslist escort, believing that his actions were justified because he tried to recover the $150 he’d paid to Lenora Frago, who wouldn’t have sex with him. Rather than letting the girl go home, Gilbert pulled a gun and shot her in the neck. Frago was paralyzed and died of her injuries four months later. Gilbert’s attorneys argued that their client’s action was legal because he thought sex was included in the fee, and Texas allows its citizens “to use deadly force to recover property during a night-time theft.”  

Only in Texas can you pack an assault rifle in case somebody steals your rake, hood ornament or barbecue tools after dark. No other state in the Union allows its citizens to shoot and kill people to recover whatever stupid crap they value more than human life. And in the case of Ezekiel Gilbert, the jury also wasn’t too thrilled about the “escort” angle, obviously having no mercy for women as victims of violent crime. Since Lenora Frago was just a paid date from Craigslist, her life wasn’t worth $150 ... either to Gilbert, who is a turd, or to a San Antonio court of law.

I have to fold socks now and take a pile of pills. Thank you for reading this.

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