Monday, June 24, 2013

This is Texas. Y’all are welcome to bring unlimited beer and concealed assault weapons.

I apologize for ignoring the Howdygram all weekend. I was feeling crabby and stressed-out by a variety of world events, a situation that resulted in an inordinate amount of overnight sleep and afternoon naps. It is now just after midnight Sunday night. Sam has already gone to bed and I’m wide awake. Therefore I should probably sneak into the family room to watch last night’s episode (the season finale) of “Mad Men” with a bowl of green olives.

For all you fashion mavens out there I’m pleased to present the lastest in menswear from the European yahoos at London Fashion Week. The designer’s name appears below each outfit.
I’m especially impressed by Craig Green’s exploding gift wrap, J.W. Anderson’s chic snap-on colostomy bag and Nasir Mazhar’s pink terrycloth sock garters with coordinating earmuffs. (I’ve been wondering what to buy Sam for his birthday this month. Which outfit do you think he’d like best?)

The city of Dallas is at it again, still horsing around with plans for “The 50th” in November (see my earlier post). And true to form, nobody’s allowed to breathe the word “assassination” within 25 miles of the city limits. According to a handout from a promotional meeting over the weekend, the mayor is referring to this event as: “A serious, understated and respectful commemoration in tribute to our nation’s 35th president, ‘The 50th’ will honor Kennedy’s life and legacy of leadership.”

Come on, people. If you’re remembering John F. Kennedy’s life, why do it in Dallas? Or to put it another way, if you wanted to celebrate the life of Abraham Lincoln, would you throw a party at the Ford Theater?

Apparently Dallas’ city organizers will do background checks on everybody requesting tickets to the festivities (is there a better word than that?) and have decided that umbrellas, undesirables, extremists and foreign crackpots are banned. Since this is Texas, however, y’all are welcome to bring unlimited beer and concealed assault weapons. Free parking.

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