Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nobody’s coming over, and I’m pondering an early lunch.

I can’t tell if I feel let down today or not. We were expecting a notary from Wells Fargo to come over at 10 so we could sign the papers for our refi and our handyman to replace the cracked window in our master bedroom. Instead, nobody’s coming over, Sam is on his way to Costco and I’m pondering an early lunch.

In case you care, the Wells Fargo notary dude says HUD is backed up with unexpected flood of refinancing crapola so our final papers will take a few more days, and our handyman says the glass he ordered for our window isn’t ready yet. Regardless, I am still pondering that early lunch. With any luck, maybe Sam will bring me a teeny assorted sushi tray from Costco. (I love their teeny assorted sushi trays.)

Yo, everybody. Are you as sick of this face as I am?
I hope the United States hounds this jerk to every corner of the earth until they drag him home to stand trial. I think what he’s done is appalling, and now he’s even getting help from that other fugitive slimeball, Julian Assange and the Wikileaks gang. I’ll bet Edward Snowden’s “fans” are generally the same kind of anti-privacy Einsteins who over-share every shred of their own lives (including the every meal they eat) — with pictures — on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For the record, I am of the opinion that governments have a right to secrets, intelligence and espionage and to expect their agents and employees to uphold the same beliefs ... OR ELSE.

I get freaked out about this all over again every time I see Snowden’s picture, which is almost constantly since apparently this is the only known photo of him on the planet. Snowden was probably born with that expression on his face.

And now for something completely different. You know that tiny little spice jar funnel I ordered yesterday from Amazon? It won’t be here until sometime in August because it’s being shipped from Hong Kong — obviously in a canoe — and then overland by UPS mule train from California. Holy crap and thank you for reading this.


Robert Cohn said...

Yes, I am also sick of that punim. Isn't the point of civil disobedience to bear the consequences of your protest, not escape to some other country that denies the freedoms you are supposedly protesting for?

Marcy said...

I absolutely agree with you. He’s running like a coward. If the U.S. doesn’t nab him I hope he winds up in a freedom-loving hole like Cuba. Have a nice life, Snowden. Other than that, what’s new, cousin?