Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Brazilian testicles are the mascot from hell.

For the last half-hour I’ve been trying to figure out how to write an approprite opening line for the following news item from Brazil but haven’t come up with anything. Under the circumstances I guess I’ll just let the photo speak for itself ...
The invention of a Brazilian non-profit cancer organization, Mr. Balls shows up at various public events throughout the country to raise awareness about testicular cancer. The organization’s website says, “Both children and adults love taking pictures with the mascot, a friendly snowman in the shape of testicles.” A friendly snowman? I can’t figure out what I hate more about this disturbing character ... the kinky black hair or those two buck teeth. WTF. 

Out of curiosity, can you imagine Mr. Balls greeting children in a shopping center anywhere in the United States?

I’m feeling a little annoyed and crabby this morning. Our Einstein neighbor called at 8:30 to wake me up with a news flash: There’s WATER on the property line between our houses and some of it is RUNNING DOWN TO THE STREET! So I said, “Gee, Bill, I’ll bet that’s because OUR AUTOMATIC SPRINKLERS were on!” At that point I didn’t feel much like going back to bed any more, so I baked myself a nice loaf of low-carb bread in the bread machine and decided to horse around with the Howdygram until it’s time for a nap. A nap is always on the agenda around here.

Thank you for reading this.

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