Saturday, May 17, 2014

I never thought it would be such a huge hoo-hah to find a comfortable and reliable place to sit down.

In this post: Grout people, seating issues.

Clayton, leader of the grout people, dropped in this morning to assess the latest crisis with the shower in our master bathroom. To help him better understand where the current leak is coming from Sam jumped into a Speedo, turned on the water full blast and sat on the bench in the shower until a visible little puddle began to form on the bathroom floor. It was pure genius. Clayton realized that his crew didn’t re-hang the frame and glass correctly four visits ago so he volunteered to hire REAL GLASS PEOPLE to redo it from scratch sometime next week.

As far as I’m concerned this is impressive as hell. Sam and I were expecting a battle and I was fully prepared to start smacking somebody in the head with my cane. (Clayton, for instance.)

Breaking news. A couple of hours ago Sam assembled the new Alera Merix 450 Series heavy-duty ergonomic mesh chair for big butts that I ordered last week from Amazon, which reluctantly agreed to pose for the portrait posted below.
Sadly, the Alera Merix 450 did NOT turn out to be a good fit for me. While it’s really well-made and nicely-shaped for butts of the larger persuasion, it’s also extremely NOT COMFORTABLE for a human such as myself who’s only 5'7" tall because the lowest seat setting is too high off the ground and the arm rests are too far back. So that it won’t be a total loss — and we won’t have to take the damn thing apart and spend any money to ship it back — Sam decided to keep it for himself. (He’s 6'5".) No kidding, people ... I never thought it would be such a huge hoo-hah to find a comfortable and reliable place to sit down. This was my fifth new chair in the last two years; most of them broke within the first 90 days. I might have to get despondent about this. 

Please feel free to cheer me up with Chinese food. Just click here as soon as possible and order the following for delivery to Howdygram headquarters: S3 Hot & Sour Soup, G14 Shrimp Egg Foo Young and G16 JalapeƱo Shrimp. Thank you. I already feel better.

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