Monday, May 5, 2014

Welcome to another chapter of Sam & Marcy’s Adventures in Inadequate Remodeling.

In this post: Another leak, another Putz.

Hey, boys and girls. Believe it or not, Clayton and his crew were back again today in their never-ending quest to repair the shower leak in our master bathroom ... THEIR SEVENTH ATTEMPT IN THREE WEEKS. Each time they show up we can’t use the shower for at least 48 hours afterwards due to wet caulk, grout and paint, and today they’re actually leaving us with a high-velocity fan turned on full-blast so everything dries as fast as possible because Sam and I are ready to start strangling people. In case you’re interested, Friday’s all-day repair went south last night when we turned on the shower and wound up with a substantial puddle on the bathroom floor and a crack in the brand new drywall. Please stay tuned for the next chapter of Sam & Marcy’s Adventures in Inadequate Remodeling. Thank you for your support.

And now I’d like to introduce our latest Putz of the Week. He’s David Murray, a member of Open Carry Texas, a club of ridiculous, unstable, pistol-packin’ grandstanders with hats who wear assault weapons in public just because they can. Mostly they target their number one “evil nemesis,” the gun control group Moms Demand Action (MDA). Last fall Open Carry Texas — armed to the teeth — surrounded a Tex-Mex restaurant in Arlington where MDA members were eating dinner with only one goal: INTIMIDATION. A couple of weeks ago they swarmed a Fort Worth Jack-in-the-Box and caused so much panic that employees hid in the commercial freezer and 15 police cars showed up to thwart what looked like a massive armed assault. Open Carry Texas doesn’t understand the police response and complains that they’re being treated like criminals. Seriously.
The group is so obsessed with Moms Demand Action that some of them do things on purpose to harass the members ... and that’s where douchebag David Murray comes in. He had his 12-year-old daughter tape the following video of him in Home Depot with an assault rifle strapped to his back to announce that he’s out shopping with his Second Amendment Stick just to piss off one specific mom who’s lobbying for gun control. Watch for yourself.

Murray says: “Hey, Moms Demand Action. Look! I’m out shopping with my rifle! You know, I get a perverse pleasure out of this because it makes steam come out of Shannon Watts’ ears.”

And there you have the literal smoking gun. Open Carry Texas is a bunch of TROLLS who get off on frightening the public without any legal repercussions whatsoever. The general reaction to this video online reflects that citizens are finally beginning to figure out that David Murray doesn’t carry a gun for self-defense; he just loves the attention and a chance to feel like a big man. He wears his great big rifle to Home Depot to SCARE THE WIMMINS. What a douchebag. Please remember his name.

And now I need to eat dinner because weakness and starvation are beginning to set in. I might be back later but please feel free to resume your normal routine in the meantime.

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