Monday, May 12, 2014

Here’s a portrait of my new Alera Merix 450 Series heavy-duty ergonomic mesh chair for big butts.

In this post: Storms, seating, haircuts.

The big hoo-hah around here today is RAIN. More accurately, this should be RAIN AND HEAVY THUNDERSTORMS FOLLOWED BY FLASH FLOODING AND A COLD FRONT. At 8:45 a.m. water is already pouring out of the sky and the lying sacks of poo at tell us to expect a lot of intense weather for the next 36 hours. For once in my life I think I actually believe them! The teeny red star on the following map denotes Howdygram headquarters.

You’ll never guess what I did yesterday. Give up? I ORDERED MYSELF ANOTHER NEW OFFICE CHAIR. This is mostly because the others haven’t worked out very well. Two turned out to be defective within a couple of months and had to be disassembled and returned, and a third chair, which I’m still using, has a busted pneumatic lift (it’s like sitting in a hole) but I decided to hang onto it because I ran out of other ideas.

A few months ago I bought a really expensive custom-built solid steel “side chair” (see previous post) with no moving parts — figuring it would last a lifetime — except it’s so damn heavy you need the strength of Godzilla to slide it in and out of my desk. We decided to use it for extra seating in the study even though nobody ever comes over except grout people. (Don’t ask.)
Yesterday, finally, Sam pestered me to try ordering another new chair since it’s really not good for my crappy knees and feet to sit so low to the ground all the time. God bless Amazon! Here’s a portrait of my new Alera Merix 450 Series heavy-duty ergonomic mesh chair for big butts with many of its key features highlighted for your possible interest.
A huge wave of Monday morning sleepiness just swept over me, probably due to a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) incident from a few hours ago, so my best option right now would be a nice juicy nap in the family room while I wait for Sam to get home with his new haircut. Sam has a really nice head.

Thank you for reading this.

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