Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TCM’s 72-hour war movie marathon starts Saturday before sun-up.

In this post: War movies remembered.

Now that I’m a retired person with a limp who collects Social Security it’s not always easy to know for sure what day of the week it is or if a holiday’s coming up. For instance, I never would have remembered this is Memorial Day weekend except for: 1) Sam’s announcement today at lunch (i.e., “YEE-HAW! THREE DAYS OFF!”); and 2) TCM’s 72-hour war movie marathon starting Saturday before sun-up. To help you navigate TCM’s offerings I’ve decided to list my personal favorites for your possible interest. Check your local listings for times, okay?
Objective, Burma! (1945) starring Errol Flynn.
The Dirty Dozen (1967) starring Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson.

Mister Roberts (1955) starring Henry Fonda, James Cagney and William Powell.
The Dawn Patrol (1938) starring Errol Flynn, David Niven and Basil Rathbone.

Sergeant York (1941) starring Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan.
Friendly Persuasion (1956) starring Gary Cooper and Dorothy McGuire.
Twelve O’Clock High (1949) starring Gregory Peck.
The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) starring Fredric March and Myrna Loy.
Above and Beyond (1952) starring Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker.
In case you need additional incentives to tune in:
  • I think Objective, Burma! was Errol Flynn’s all-time best performance not counting Captain Blood (1935) and The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938).
  • Mister Roberts was William Powell’s last movie.
  • Basil Rathbone is outrageously theatrical in The Dawn Patrol and it’s a joy to behold. 
  • Gary Cooper was 20 years too old to play Sergeant York. He was too old for most of his other movie roles, too, except for High Noon (1952) and Friendly Persuasion.
  • Pat Boone sings the theme song to Friendly Persuasion and it’s really, really gorgeous.
If all this Memorial Day hoo-hah is a little too much for you there are three terrific non-war films you can record on Thursday and Friday to help break up the monotony. On Thursday, they are: Susan and God (1940) starring Fredric March and Joan Crawford; and Hobson’s Choice (1954) starring Charles Laughton, John Mills and Brenda De Banzie. On Friday watch Dodsworth (1936) starring Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton and Mary Astor. Sam and I absolutely LOVE Dodsworth. One of the best movie endings EVER.

Thank you for reading this. Seriously.

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