Friday, May 16, 2014

The grout people have to come back today. Would anybody mind if I killed them?

In this post: Diabetes bargains, caulking cretins.

It’s almost 3:30 in the afternoon here and my Friday is finally beginning to take shape. Let me see if I can sum it all up for you, okay?

HUNGER. I haven’t eaten since breakfast but I don’t expect you to feel sorry for me or anything because I’ve got leftover egg foo young and one egg roll.

A LOW-CARB SHOPPING SPREE. My Friday afternoon shopping spree included the following essential products from This is my first time trying Walden Farms’ zero-calorie Russian and thousand island dressings and I’m hoping they’re just as good as Walden Farms’ cole slaw goo. (Their cole slaw goo is OUTSTANDING.)
DIABETES BARGAINS. I also bought 150 FreeStyle Lite blood glucose test strips on eBay because I found two sellers offering them SUPER CHEAP: $17.29 for 50 and $38.98 for 100. As a point of reference, 50 FreeStyle Lite test strips usually sell for about $25 on eBay or $30 on Amazon. If you’re stupid enough to buy them from a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription you’ll end up blowing at least $60 just for your co-pay. Trust me, eBay is the way to go for these damn things. I use about five test strips a day. (My fingers look like Swiss cheese.)
THE GROUT PEOPLE ARE COMING BACK. Yup, Clayton and his crew of caulking cretins will be here again today to figure out why the shower in our master bathroom is STILL LEAKING after seven annoying and sloppy attempts to fix the problems. (Check out my previous posts.) Last time he was here — about a week ago — Clayton actually accused us of ripping out their caulk with our bare hands (he neglected to explain why the hell we would do this) and then suggested we should try not to let the bench in our shower get wet. (Seriously.) After Sam and I stopped laughing he agreed to re-do the entire job. AND NOW IT’S LEAKING AGAIN. Frankly, I have no confidence whatsoever that they’ll ever get it right. Maybe today’s session will end better if I threaten to beat them unconscious with my cane. At least I’d get some exercise.

I should eat now. Food is good.