Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Faux shepherd’s pie, a feast for the ages.

In case you’re interested, I’d like to report there’s nothing whatsoever that I need to do today. NOTHING. The dishwasher’s empty, my client projects are caught up, Sam has enough clean socks for at least a week and I don’t even feel motivated to bake a cake. I did, however, check out the new photos posted by my niece Allison on, which included adorable shots of baby Cooper at one month old and Melissa’s little boy, Tyler, at 3½. Take a look below.
The rest of my day will be packed with essential activities from a “do” list I just compiled, which includes: 1) a trip to the kitchen for my second Marcy-tini refill; 2) watching the latest episodes of “Peoples Court” and “Top Chef”; 3) trying to figure out why the hell anybody would waste their time previewing Super Bowl commercials; and 4) dinner.

With regard to item four above, tonight I plan to nuke a faux shepherd’s pie (see below) from Schwan’s. This is a surprisingly tasty little entree even though it’s filled with BEEF rather than LAMB, an issue that triggers disillusionment, outrage, confusion and grief. (Note to Schwan’s: Shepherds tend sheep, not cows.)
If you want to come for dinner please send me an email within the next 45 minutes and I’ll try to save you some. For dessert we’re having faux ice cream. Thank you for reading this!

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