Monday, February 6, 2012

I love Sundays with Errol, Fred and Ginger and Sam.

There are hundreds of very good reasons why I didn’t write a second post yesterday. For starters, Sam and I were way too busy eating dim sum for lunch at Hong Kong Royal, after which I spent two grueling hours online horsing around with Turbo Tax, whose seriously untrained “live chat” help desk is staffed by a team of Einsteins. (Yes, we’re getting a nice refund. No, you can’t have any.) I waited an hour and 15 minutes to connect with an agent named Tonisha WHO NEVER HEARD OF A SCHEDULE C. Seriously!

I also enjoyed a luxurious nap, made our favorite one-pot Greek rice dish for dinner (check out my recipe), watched The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn and The Gay Divorcee with Fred and Ginger, and then we tuned in for the last half-hour of the Super Bowl, which was a mighty smart thing to do because Ahmad Bradshaw’s weirdo touchdown for the Giants in the final 60 seconds of the game was really something to see. In an effort NOT TO SCORE he accidentally fell backwards into the end zone and sat down. Photos of Errol, Fred, Ginger and Bradshaw landing on his ass appear below
From our Why Didn’t I Think of This First department, I’m pleased to introduce Ebon-Aide® Bandages for people of color. I saw the link alongside an article about Black History Month but apparently brown bandaids haven’t “wowed” their intended audience because the company’s website no longer exists. I don’t know about you, but I think these are a great idea and I’m surprised they didn’t sell. I wonder if anybody ever tried inventing brown Q-Tips.
And finally, here are two of the world’s craziest Asian dining establishments for your possible interest. Photos appear below.
  • The Clinic in Singapore is a hospital-themed restaurant and club with seating on golden wheelchairs and metal hospital beds that have been converted into booths. You can request an I.V. of your favorite soft drink for a small additional charge. Due to health considerations the restaurant does not distribute bedpans.
  • Modern Toilet in Taipei is such a huge hit that a dozen branches have opened across Taiwan. Diners are seated on standard-sized toilets and eat out of miniature ones. Drinks are served from tiny urinals. (I’ll bet the food tastes like crap.)
And now I’m going to load up the kitchen with a pile of homemade fake sweets: Pillsbury sugar-free fudge brownies and a sugar-free pumpkin pie. I’d be glad to share except Sam’s been waiting for these and I’ll bet there won’t be anything left after he gets home from work tonight. Maybe next time. Thank you for understanding.

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