Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Don’t miss President Obama’s annual State of the Union address tonight.

In this post: State of the Union, Marcy gets a chair.

Americans, you surely don’t want to miss President Obama’s annual State of the Union address tonight! Mostly it’s a chance to observe a roomful of sore-loser Republicans looking like a bunch of dimwitted douchecanoes on national television. (Or, in other words, just being themselves.) Here in Texas coverage starts about an hour from now at 8 p.m. Central time, and my channel of choice is MSNBC because I’m extremely crazy about Rachel Maddow. Thank you in advance for watching. Tell your friends.

Before I forget, I’ve got some big news from Howdygram headquarters: FedEx is delivering my brand new custom-built office chair is tomorrow! HOLY CRAP! I’ve been waiting so long for a new chair that I might have a stroke when it finally gets here. I know for sure this one will last a long time because it has no moving or mechanical parts to break, crack, fall off or malfunction in any way whatsovever. It’s just a nice padded inanimate chair designed for wider-than-average butts like mine. Stay tuned for a complete product review.
And now I’d better grab a nice hot speedy shower so I can watch President Obama on TV at 8. With any luck Sam will be home from work in time to watch part of the speech with me. Ciao and shalom to you and yours.

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