Friday, April 18, 2014

A quick primer on insulin injections.

In this post: Gourmet groceries, too many needles.

Glorioski, everybody … you’ll never believe what I just discovered: GOURMET GROCERIES FOR HOME DELIVERY RIGHT HERE IN DALLAS. I never thought the Lone Star State could feel so cosmopolitan! The website is called and it’s just like shopping at Central Market except you don’t have to fight for parking or wear a brassiere! Artizone sells products from artisans all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area at pretty amazing prices, and home delivery only costs $5.95. I decided to test the water with the small order pictured below: organic Brussels sprouts, imported hard salami, olive loaf and two pounds of bean salad with onions in a cilantro vinaigrette. Delivery is one week from today even though I’M STARVING RIGHT NOW. Is this exciting, or what?
In other news, I also ordered a couple of exciting products from Total Diabetes Supply, such as a box of 100 insulin pen needles and a luxurious yet surprisingly cheap moisturizing cream because having diabetes makes my skin really crappy.
In case you’d like a quick primer on insulin pen needles — although I can’t for the life of me imagine why you would — they come in four different needle lengths depending on how fat you are and how thick your skin is. I’ve always used the longest length (½-inch or 12mm) because the injection takes forever otherwise, but I just read that I might be able to use one of the shorter lengths instead if I choose a different injection site. So maybe I’ll try the 8mm needles next time.
FYI, I use an insulin pen needle at bedtime for my overnight dose of Lantus. At mealtimes I inject Humulin R insulin with a regular syringe. Yes, that’s FOUR INJECTIONS A DAY, although sometimes I need an extra one if I want a late snack. (I apologize if this is too much information.)

Live and be well, okay?

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