Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Progressive Minnesota, where science teachers don’t have to believe in science.

In this post: Remove Office, a Minnesota pinhead.

We’re enjoying a sparkly, windy spring day here in north Texas and I’m inside trying to delete most of Microsoft Office from my Macintosh hard drive. I launched a tool in my Office folder called “Remove Office” that’s been pretending to search and locate files for the last 20 minutes with no results whatsoever except for an irritating barber pole status bar. However I’ve learned one important thing from this experience: I hate “Remove Office” as much as I hate Office.

Know what? I’ve already got another Putz of the Week to share with you, only 24 hours since the last one. With so many right-wing screwballs in the news it’s literally RAINING PUTZES around here! Our latest honoree is Aaron Miller — a card-carrying Minnesota pinhead — who decided to run for Congress because learning evolution in school made his nine-year-old daughter cry and he wants to make sure public schools are not forced to teach it.
A local newspaper reported in March that Miller told his story to a Republican county convention about how his daughter was “very upset” and “in tears” because she had to learn about evolution at school. He claimed that even the teacher agreed with his daughter and admitted to not believing in evolution but said teaching this doctrine is “a forced requirement by the federal government.” Naturally, the candidate refused to provide any other details.

Miller insisted, “We should decide what is taught in our schools, not Washington, D.C.” and does not want the federal government to have any role in school curriculum.

You’ve definitely found a relevant campaign platform, you twisted little jackass. Sounds like one dysfunctional district up there in Minnesota, with students crying about science and science teachers not wanting to teach science and angry daddies running for office in order to stop the madness. Right-wingers may be notorious for having no sense of humor, but they’re the most unintentionally hilarious people on the planet.

If Miller wants his constituents to think he’s qualified for Congress he should take a few minutes to learn that the states, NOT the federal government, establish school curriculum. And the bigger issue is, WHY DOES MINNESOTA HAVE A PUBLIC SCHOOL SCIENCE TEACHER WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN SCIENCE? How about a story on why this dude hasn’t been fired?

Anybody who’s heartless enough to indoctrinate their impressionable children into a life of 12th century religious horseshit should SEND THEM TO PRIVATE SCHOOL and leave the rest of us out of your idiotic holy war. Thank you.

Hey. Does anybody besides me want chicken soup for dinner?

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