Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fighting back against the GOP’s budget from hell.

In this post: Remodeling, the GOP budget, mealtime favorites.

In case you’re dying of curiosity, our shower remodeling crew showed up this morning at 8:30 and they’ve been hard at work ever since not counting a break for lunch. I haven’t even had an opportunity to see what’s going on because they’ve had the bathroom door closed all day so they wouldn’t disturb me. (I was asleep on the chaise in the family room for a few hours watching cheesy monster movies.) It’s currently 6:25, and I have a hunch they’re almost finished because I think I smell paint!

And now ... let’s talk politics for a minute, okay? Rather than roll back tax breaks for the 1%, corporations and Wall Street, today the U.S. House Republicans passed Paul Ryan’s latest joke of a budget, which proposes to trim the deficit by repealing Obamacare (they NEVER give up on this one), turning Medicare into a private enterprise voucher system, making catastrophic cuts to social safety net programs (Medicaid, food stamps, college grants), medical research and critically-needed infrastructure. The only item in Ryan’s budget that gets an increase is DEFENSE SPENDING so Republicans can cripple the country with bigger and better wars.
Even though there’s no way Ryan’s budget will EVER pass in the Senate, if you’re as irritated with all this partisan horseshit as I am please take a minute to contribute a little dough to the Democratic Party to help with the fight. This is a mid-term election year and we’ve got a good chance to kick out a few teabaggers. Your donation doesn’t have to be huge ... $5 or $10 would help. Or $250. Thank you in advance for being adorable and doing the right thing!

What’s everybody having for dinner tonight? I’m thinking about Mentally Ill Pizza Burgers, which are a couple of Costco’s pre-cooked angus burgers in the microwave with low-carb pasta sauce and melty mozzarella cheese plus a side dish of hot giardiniera because hot giardiniera goes with LITERALLY EVERYTHING, even scrambled eggs. As a matter of fact, I’ve devoured so much of this tasty crap in recent weeks that I just ordered even more, this time a six-pack of Dell Alpe brand in 32 oz. jars. And in anticipation of The Howdygram Gefilte Fish Festival (see my last post) I also ordered 12 jars of Beaver kosher horseradish! Wal-Mart has terrific prices online. You should shop there TODAY.
I have to do something else now. Thank you.

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