Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day. We’re killing ourselves.

In this post: Earth Day, a contemptible Putz.

I’ll begin this morning with a big fat HAPPY EARTH DAY to Howdygram readers all over the planet. Even though I’ve never been a rabid “tree-hugger,” during the last few years it’s become perilously apparent that we’re killing ourselves with poisoned oceans, lousy air, melting polar ice, rising sea levels and extreme climate change. I’m actually relieved to be 62 years old because I know I won’t be around when we run out of fresh water and oxygen.
Incidentally, if you’ve never seen the movie Soylent Green (1973) please make sure it’s on your bucket list.

Believe it or not I’ve already got another Putz of the Week to share with you! This time it’s Blake Farenthold (R-TX), a moron of the first degree and winner of the House of Representatives’ annual Jabba the Hut Lookalike Contest, who introduced the “Contempt Act” in Congress this week in a bid to withhold Attorney General Eric Holder’s paychecks due to Holder being held in contempt by Republicans in 2012 during an investigation relating to the Fast & Furious operation. Frustrated when they couldn’t find an “impeachable” offense, Republicans claimed Holder and the Obama Administration were hiding imaginary documents.
“My bill will at least prevent current and future federal employees, like Attorney General Holder, from continuing to collect their taxpayer-paid salaries while held in contempt of Congress,” Farenthold said, insisting that any other member of the public who refused to comply with a Justice Department subpoena “would be in jail. The American people should not be footing the bill for federal employees who stonewall Congress or rewarding government officials’ bad behavior.” If that were true, the American people should be withholding paychecks from CONGRESS, you stupid twit!

It clearly doesn’t get much worse than THIS, people. Here’s Blake Farenthold in his role as a government official partying at a Republican fundraiser in flannel jammies. (A photo of Jabba the Hut is inset for your possible interest.) Holy crap. This looks like a skit from “Saturday Night Live.”
Hey, don’t forget TCM’s John Wayne film festival this week, okay? You can check out the complete list of scheduled movies from an earlier post. Pass the popcorn.

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