Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I wish I could choke Microsoft Word and throw it off a bridge.

In this post: Dumping, deleting. 

Happy Dump the Crap Day, everybody! I’m streamlining my hard drive today with some hard-core spring cleaning, and I got started about an hour ago by “uninstalling” five really huge Adobe Creative Suite applications that were loaded on my Mac for free by a consultant a few years ago. I never used any of them for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I had zero motivation (or need, either) to horse around with complex software for professional film and music editors. At the moment I’m deleting a demo solitaire game that hasn’t worked since 2008 and Quark XPress 6.0, which is probably about 12 years old. The status bar on my screen started at 18,698 files and after 45 minutes we’ve pared it down to 13,842. Holy crap, I’m not convinced I’ll live long enough to see the end of this.

Next, God willing, I’ll trash most of Microsoft Office — PowerPoint, Messenger and Entourage — because I hate Microsoft Office. I’d love to trash Word, too, but every couple of years somebody insists on sending me a Word file and there’s no other way to open the document. If you care, I hate Microsoft Word EVEN MORE than I hate Congress, and that’s a whole lot of hate, people. Word for the Mac is a stupid, slow, unintuitive and annoying program and I wish to hell I could choke it and throw it off a bridge. (My choice would be the highest span of the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California.)
I think I need food and a nap now. Thank you.

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