Friday, April 11, 2014

Another dose of twisted right-wing crap.

In this post: Warped Einsteins, right-wing fetus worship.

I wrote so many posts yesterday — FOUR! — that I didn’t really think I’d have much to say today, but you know what? I was wrong! So here I am, fingers on the keyboard, all limbered-up and ready to go, ready to write another round of truly screwy horseshit. Thank you for showing up today. Before I forget, however ... I’m cold, I’m hungry and my knees hurt, and I might have to duck out for a few minutes to eat dinner because it’s already 6:30.

Today I’d like to present a Howdygram Einstein Award to South Carolina, where senators in the state legislature have managed to propose a bill that clearly outshines all previous efforts at right-wing stupidity. Specifically, this is South Carolina’s stab at expanding the state’s Stand Your Ground law to allow mommies-to-be protection from prosecution if they defend their “unborn children,” defined in the bill as “the offspring of human beings from conception until birth.” Yup ... EMBRYOS!

Please do not be fooled, people. This bill is just another dose of twisted right-wing crap that codifies “fetal homicide” as a crime and the extremist ideology that “life begins at conception.” You know, that meaningless “personhood” crap. Even worse, this really isn’t about criminalizing abortion ... it’s about legalizing the murder of fetus-threateners, which is being sponsored in the legislature by — no kidding! — a group called Americans United for Life.

Lunatic Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX) elevated a similar Stand Your Ground cause to absurdity during his 2013 election campaign:
Apparently Stockman was suggesting that armed fetuses could protect themselves against abortion BY KILLING THEIR OWN MOTHERS. This is so freakin’ warped I can’t even say it out loud.

It’s time for food. If you’re lucky I might be back later.

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