Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Killing time with a low-carb Grape Nuts knockoff.

In this post: Elbow surgery, fake Grape Nuts.

A couple of really important remarks. First, in my last post I lied about watching tonight’s episode of “Hardcore Pawn” because I just found out there’s no episode of “Hardcore Pawn” on TV tonight. I don’t understand why not, but it is what it is. What the hell.

Second, my teeny, adorable mother-in-law had out-patient surgery today. Last week she fell in the parking lot at Kaiser Hospital and smashed up her elbow, and today doctors inserted a pin in the joint to help it heal. Here’s a picture taken this morning just before surgery. I’m told mom came through just fine and is already back home in her apartment. HI, MOM! YOU LOOK REALLY CUTE! WE MISS YOU!
Sam just called. He’ll be an hour late getting home from work tonight so I guess I’ll have to find something constructive to do in the meantime. Snacks come to mind. Maybe I’ll start with a bowl of a new low-carb cereal that I bought last week from Netrition. It’s a Grape Nuts knockoff called Nutlettes (stop laughing) that gets excellent reviews, and I’ve got a carton of vanilla soy milk in the fridge just for this occasion. Cheers, everybody!

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