Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plans for the Howdygram Gefilte Fish Festival are finally taking shape.

In this post: Gefilte fish.

Oh boy, people! I just got an email from the KC Kosher Co-Op to let me know they’ve got a bunch of unclaimed and highly-discounted Passover groceries from last week’s delivery in Dallas and I should tell them ASAP if there’s anything I want. AND THERE IS! I wrote back right away and called dibs on a 12-jar case of Mother’s gefilte fish (pictured below) for only $4 a jar. In case you’re not a gefilte fish aficionado, that’s a STEAL! Pickup is set for Sunday night between 8 and 11 p.m. at the co-op’s regular drop-off location, which is a snooty mansion in north Dallas near George and Laura Bush’s house. Looks like plans for the Howdygram Gefilte Fish Festival are finally taking shape. (All I need now is an industrial-size drum of horseradish.) Mark your calendar!
In case you’re interested, every other month the KC Kosher Co-Op trucks food (including fresh meat and frozen products) to mid-sized cities all over the U.S. that have Jewish populations and very few (or no) kosher shopping options, such as Dallas, Phoenix, Minneapolis and so on. Their website even facilitates order splitting with other local customers since just about everything is packaged by the case and you don’t always need 30 pounds of brisket or 48 bottles of grape juice.

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