Monday, April 28, 2014

I got all dressed up with shoes and a brassiere.

In this post: A new low, musical memories, baloney with olives.

Sunday got away from me, people. Following a severe low blood sugar episode Friday night during which — how can I put this delicately? — I was minutes away from a HYPOGLYCEMIC COMA, I spent most of Saturday and all day Sunday indulging in copious amounts of sleep because that’s how a body responds to shitty diabetic experiences: WITH TOTAL EXHAUSTION. However we did have an opportunity to enjoy a couple of fine movies this weekend: Hans Christian Andersen (1952) starring Danny Kaye and The Muse (1999) starring Albert Brooks and Sharon Stone.
Incidentally, this was the first time I’d seen Hans Christian Andersen in at least 45 years and really got a huge kick out of seeing it again. Back in 1963 we sang a song from this movie in the seventh grade chorus at Old Orchard Junior High and here’s a video of this number from the film. (I actually remembered all the lyrics. Sam thinks I’m a genius.) In case YouTube eventually deletes this video link, the song is “Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen.” Thank you.

Yesterday after a really nice four-hour morning nap we decided to do a late lunch at Alfredo’s in Forney — a popular dive on the U.S. 80 service road — so I could order my favorite chopped steak, canned green beans and iceberg lettuce with thousand island dressing, an olive and a crouton. I even got all dressed up with shoes and a brassiere! So here’s what happens. We pull into the lot at 2:45 and I inject a large quantity of insulin before we walk inside, and that’s when we find out that ALFREDO’S CLOSES AT 2:30 ON SUNDAYS and they won’t serve us any food. I’m 15 probably minutes away from another serious hypoglycemic episode so we pile back into the car and head to El Nogalito in Terrell as fast as possible without getting a speeding ticket. Tortilla chips saved my life. For your possible interest the map below indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters in Mesquite; B) Alfredo’s in Forney; and C) El Nogalito in downtown Terrell, home of No-Neck McGurkin (our favorite waiter) and damn good guacamole. El Nogalito is four blocks from the State Mental Hospital.

Holy mackerel, I almost forgot to tell you ... I got my very first grocery delivery on Friday from and it was an adorable experience! The driver was a very nice older dude in a bright red cobbler’s apron who brought my order into the kitchen and lined it all up on the counter for me. As soon as he left I ate the entire bag of baloney with olives (I love this crazy crap) on a couple of low-carb dinner rolls, and the mixed bean salad with cilantro dressing was ABSOLUTELY YUM. I’m ordering more for delivery this week plus the other items pictured below.
It’s late and I think I should probably join Sam in bed now. Try not to make any noise and turn out the light when you’re done here, okay?

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