Monday, January 2, 2012

Always wear lipstick to shop in high-end stores.

In my never-ending quest to own every font on earth I just downloaded an additional six for free from These are basically just as cool as the six new comic book fonts from yesterday (see post), although I think “Jeff Campbell” has to be my all-time favorite.
I use a font called “Comicrazy” for my photo captions here on the Howdygram. I bought it a couple of years ago during Comicraft’s annual New Year’s Day sale ... it’s a $395 font (seriously) that only cost me $20.10. You should check out Comicraft’s website because it’s a visual smorgasbord of all those classic comic books you loved as a kid.

For the record, my favorite comic books were Archie and Dennis the Menace, but not for any reason you’d ever guess. By the time I was eight years old I’d fallen in love with their FONTS. The Archie font was a lot like “Jeff Campbell” but with a slight slant to the right and a very distinctive uppercase “S”. Dennis the Menace comic books used a quirky lowercase font with an unforgettable “g”.

If you think I’m strange you’ll have to get in line behind lots of other people because I’ve been like this my entire life. I was designing my own comics and magazines in third grade and taught myself to print in italics and boldface when I wrote stories for school, even using “printer’s quotes” that eventually made my teachers believe I was plagiarizing. My mother had to bring a stack of my homemade comic books to school to prove them wrong, and everybody had a new respect for me after that. (It’s also possible they were just frightened and decided to leave me alone.)

It’s another glorious day in North Texas, and after I eat some lunch — which will be very, very soon — Sam and I are going shopping at The Arrangement, a huge, high-end rustic furniture store in snooty north Dallas near the Galleria. I should definitely wear lipstick for this.

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