Saturday, January 14, 2012

Longhorns are some of the cutest people we know.

It was a nice, quiet day at Howdygram headquarters beginning with Senior Scrambled Eggs at Denny’s, a drive through Sunnyvale, several consecutive naps, dinner at home (Easy One-Pot Greek Rice) followed by a couple of okay movies.

First we saw Passport to Suez (1943) with Warren William and Eric Blore, a thoroughly lame World War II spy thriller pretending to be Casablanca except it was based in Egypt, everybody’s accent was atrocious and the Humphrey Bogart part was played by — of all people — Sheldon Leonard (see right).  The plot was so awful we almost started rooting for the Nazi spies. And we HATE Nazi spies.
Next we saw Hell Divers, a 1931 adventure film about Navy pilots in Elmer Fudd hats starring Wallace Beery and Clark Gable with no mustache.
Hell Divers was actually way better than I expected and included some very well done fake flying scenes with plenty of fake stunts and fake pilots jumping out of fake planes with fake parachutes that wouldn’t open. There’s even a tear-jerker ending when Wallace Beery winds up saving Clark Gable’s life but has to sacrifice his own in the process and the entire crew of the U.S.S. Saratoga is crying like a bunch of girls.

Breaking news! The annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo opened today and runs through February 4 at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Here are a few photos for your possible interest from the kickoff parade.
Sam and I didn’t attend the parade but we love longhorns and never miss an opportunity to post photos of them. Longhorns are some of the cutest people we know.

Here’s something exciting! Tomorrow Sam will finally complete his wild-west education with a two-hour gun safety class at 10 a.m. so he can run for marshal of Mesquite in 2013. (I might be kidding about the marshal part.) Yee-haw, pass the bullets and thank you for reading this!

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