Wednesday, January 29, 2014

American cheese, taco shells, insulin syringes and hot sauce.

In this post: A Wal-Mart emergency, Gohmert’s pile.

Texas is awfully damn cold this morning. Here at Howdygram headquarters it’s 18° and I made Sam wear his down parka before he went to Wal-Mart a few minutes ago. He’s making an emergency run for American cheese, taco shells, insulin syringes, hot sauce and a prescription refill for yours truly.

Know what? I’ve got another Putz of the Week for you! For the ten millionth time our honoree is Congressman Louie Gohmert, the infamous tea party conspiracy theorist from somewhere in the great state of Texas, who recently proposed raising taxes on poor people because they can pay with welfare. Seriously.
Earlier this month at a tea party event in South Carolina Gohmert offered his plan to address income inequality. “You make more, you pay more; you make less, you pay less,” he said. “And everybody needs to have skin in the game, don’t they? Everybody does. You need to own a piece of this government so you’ll do something about it. Everybody should.”

Gohmert admitted he was torn about what to do with people who were so poor that they barely got by on government assistance. “What if you’re so poor the only money you have is what the government gives you? You take it back. It gives you an investment in the country. And we all need that.”

In other words, Gohmert thinks we should take back government assistance from the poorest Americans so they’ll feel good about paying their fair share.

Holy mother of crap. WHAT AN IDIOT.

Thank you.

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