Monday, January 13, 2014

If I occasionally sound incoherent you’ll just have to deal with it.

In this post: Another Putz, a worthwhile petition.

Hi, people. It’s 8:45 Monday morning, 52° in north Texas, and I’m having a mild hypoglycemic episode as I write this post. If I occasionally sound incoherent you’ll just have to deal with it. I’m also doing laundry. Thank you.

If you have a couple of free minutes, please use them right now to sign a petition on to stop  Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) from adding a horseshit amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill, which potentially could eliminate a state’s right to label genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and includes sweeping language to end regulation of food and farming and could nullify a wide range of state and local measures regarding food safety, labeling, environmental requirements, humane treatment of farm animals, labor standards, and other critical food supply issues.

Because King is in the pocket of Monsanto and the biotech industry, the amendment also tries to overturn current bans on dangerous agricultural chemicals like methyl iodide and allow a flood of these pesticides into our food supply.

For proposing an amendment of such blinding stupidity — a right-wing Republican who opposes states’ rights? — and maneuvering to drag the United States back to the late 19th century, we feel compelled present Congressman King with our latest Putz of the Week award. 
King is almost as stupid as his best friend and frequent traveling companion Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), the right-wing conspiracy theorist who recently told a reporter that he originally “got into politics” to stop single mothers from receiving public assistance. Gohmert also believes: 1) there’s a “secret heavily-armed Nazi ObamaCare security force” of 6,000 death-squad doctors; 2) the Obama administration has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood; 3) Muslim terrorists are being trained in Mexico to cross the border into Texas disguised as illegal Mexican immigrants; and 4) countless pregnant women from the Middle East travel to the U.S. on tourist visas, deliver their babies here for automatic citizenship, return to the mother's home country for a life of terrorist training and then come back to America to blow us up. This is frequently known as Gohmert’s “terror babies” theory. He says he heard it from a secret FBI agent with a plastic decoder ring. (And a tin foil hat.)

Sam is on his way to Wal-Mart right now to pick up a prescription — mine, of course — and plans to try for a car wash afterwards. I’m hoping there aren’t too many people ahead of him this time (he hates to wait) because our Hyundai has been looking mighty crappy. We also need a nice wax job but Sam might not have enough time for that today.

I think I’ll put my feet up for a while because I’m sleepy, retired and don’t have anything else to do. Thank you for reading this.

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