Monday, January 13, 2014

Diabetics have scary feet. We’re not allowed to get blisters.

In this post: Hating Crocs, a red pepper addiction.

Show of hands. Do you wear Crocs? Love them? Hate them? I’ve read lots of pros and cons so I finally decided to try a pair for myself last week when I found out actually sells a style called “CrocsRx” (pictured below; mine were black) priced at $49.95 for people like yours truly with diabetes. Diabetics have scary feet. We’re not allowed to get blisters. My Crocs arrived in a big mylar mailing envelope because they’re made of indestructible plastic that could survive being run over by a Chevy Suburban. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to figure out that rock-hard inflexible plastic is a repulsive choice of materials if you’re trying to peddle footwear to diabetics. I wore my Crocs for about 90 seconds and shrieked, “HOLY CRAP. GET THESE DAMN THINGS OFF MY FEET!”

We’re shipping them back first thing tomorrow morning. I’m using the same kind of cheesy mylar envelope they arrived in because these obnoxious things don’t deserve a real box.

In other news, I just placed an order with for a big one-pound sack of my favorite crushed red pepper flakes. I use a LOT of these little things, probably because I’ve got an ongoing taste disorder related to autonomic diabetic neuropathy that renders my food flavorless unless it’s salty and spicy. (Which probably explains why I’m so fond of Chinese.)
Incidentally, if you’ve never shopped on you should check them out at your earliest convenience. They sell every spice on the planet (and probably a few from outer space) at swell prices with NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING. I order from these guys all the time and even bought three dozen nice glass spice jars from them last year (see below). THREE DOZEN!
I think I’d better start concentrating on dinner because it’s already 7:30, my blood sugar is dropping and I’m really hungry. I’d invite you to stop by later for a sock-folding party but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t come. Thank you for reading this.

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