Sunday, January 26, 2014

The GOP’s new campaign strategy? “We’re the party of the private sector.”

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Shalom and hi from north Texas! Sam is in the family room sleeping through Outbreak (1995) starring Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo and a monkey (see below) and I’m here in the study to do some Sunday evening Howdygrammin’. Incidentally, in case you’ve never seen Outbreak, it features a lot of fake medical officials in biohazard gear trying to find an infected primate plus the added bonus of a helicopter chase, people getting sick, a government cover-up and intense background music in Dolby sound at no extra charge.
And now for the main purpose of tonight’s post ... our latest Putz of the Week award! This time it’s Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — an obstructionist douchecanoe desperately in need of lips, a chin and a soul — who predicted earlier today in a Fox News interview that Republicans could win independent and undecided voters by campaigning on the message that the GOP is “the party of the private sector.” In other words, the party that wants to privatize profits and screw the general public. Senator Putz is a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN.
McConnell stated, “I think the American people, surveys indicate, are very skeptical of all these government programs the president continues to offer and we’re going to make the point that let’s try the private sector for a while.” No kidding. He’s serious. Earlier this year McConnell’s only real stab at “public service” included a vote to filibuster an extension to long-term unemployment benefits, insisting that he would not allow the law to pass unless President Barack Obama’s health care law was delayed or repealed. 

This was the GOP’s 47th attempt. Once again, they failed.

The bottom line? Republicans are still the party of NO. The party that promised Obama would be a one-term president. The party that promised to make him fail. The party that promised to dismantle ObamaCare. The party that promised jobs but scuttled every jobs bill. The party that hates women but worships fetuses. The party that manipulated the vote by gerrymandering and draconian voter ID laws. The party that doesn’t want government regulation unless it furthers their own ideology and idiotic creationism crap. The party that wants more guns to protect us from guns and to keep America from overthrowing itself. The party that holds the country hostage and tries to destroy the economy in the name of “austerity.” The party of elective wars. The party of Wall Street. THE PARTY OF TOTAL HORSESHIT.

Thank you for allowing me to spew all that crazy anger ... although you didn’t really have much choice since the Howdygram is ALL MINE and I pretty much write whatever I want.

It’s almost 7 p.m. so I think I’ll grab a quick shower and ponder dinner. I’m leaning towards ham salad on low-carb rye toast or homemade pizza on a teeny low-carb crust. I don’t usually cook for Sam on Sundays because he likes to “graze” between naps. This usually includes three or four random snacks such as trail mix, a tangerine, half a bag of Schwan’s mozzarella sticks, Brownie Brittle, lox & bagels or a Clif bar. Are you as hungry as I am? Thank you for reading this.

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