Sunday, January 12, 2014

Togetherness and Vienna sausages are essential for a happy marriage.

In this post: Classy seating, date night.

Anybody remember the miserable tale of my new office chair? The one I waited THREE MONTHS for on back order … and then it finally arrived in mid-December CRAPPY AND DEFECTIVE? (See earlier post.) We finally shipped the damn thing back to Brylane Home for a refund, and a couple of hours ago I found a very terrific replacement online that looks like it can’t possibly break no matter what because it doesn’t have any levers, handles, adjustments, lumbar supports, knobs, casters or pneumatic lifts. IT’S JUST A CHAIR. But it’s nice one, really solid, with arms and fluffy cushions.
Incidentally, I purchased this from Chairs and Chairs. They’ve got a tacky 1995-style website with a vast selection of name-brand and made-to-order chairs for home and office ... and surprisingly good prices with no tax and free shipping. (I love free shipping.) Thank you.

Saturday night was “date night” for Sam and me! We had dinner at Lefty’s Lobster and Chowder House in Addison, where we enjoyed our all-time favorite dream meal ... 18-oz. broiled lobster tails, loaded baked potatoes and a thoroughly forgettable veggie because who the hell bothers with steamed broccoli when you’ve got a lobster tail in front of you that’s as big as your foot. The map below indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; and B) Lefty’s on Belt Line Road in Addison. Not pictured: My podiatrist’s office in Garland.
I think I’ll join Sam in the family room for a while to watch a movie and eat Vienna sausages. Sam has been asleep on the sofa since 8:30 and probably won’t even know I’m there, but I think togetherness is essential for a happy marriage. Shalom, people.

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