Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bread & butter is my favorite food group.

In this post: Sam, thrilling Amazon deals, a love song.

Sam finally got home from the office yesterday morning at 7:45. For those of you following this ongoing story in the Howdygram, Sam worked 16½ hours on Sunday and 10 on Saturday following an inconceivable 19½-hour marathon on New Year’s Day that ended at 7 a.m. Thursday morning. Although he somehow managed to go back to work Thursday afternoon at 3 for his regular shift, yesterday was a total wash-out. Sam collapsed into bed 10 minutes after he got home AND SLEPT NONSTOP FOR 23 HOURS not counting the sweet & sour shrimp I fed him at 6 p.m. so he wouldn’t starve to death. (Worrying about food is the story of my life.)

Just in case you missed the news that 50% of the iconic Everly Brothers (i.e., Phil, age 74) died on January 3, I’d like to post the following video from their 1983 reunion tour featuring the brothers’ mega-hit “Let It Be Me,” probably the most beautiful love song ever written in the history of the world. I’ve also included a teeny picture of the Everly Brothers from 1957. Phil is on the left.

From our Let’s Start the New Year By Buying More Terrific Shit Online department ... here are today’s exciting purchases from my pals at Amazon!
I ordered a four-pack of RagĂș — gigantic 45-oz. jars — for Sam and a bunch of PowerFactor AA batteries to feed a couple of ravenous cordless mice, and both were thrillingly DIRT CHEAP plus free shipping. For instance, the RagĂș was only $11.09 and the batteries were $7.49 for a box of 24. I also love the fact that PowerFactor packages them in a sturdy little cardboard box instead of those crappy clam shell things like Duracell, pictured below for your possible interest. 
It’s almost 6 p.m. and high time to give serious consideration to my evening meal. Actually, I’ve been considering dinner off and on since 7:30 this morning but I didn’t want you to think I’m insane. For tonight’s menu I’ve got a nice slab of leftover meatloaf that will do nicely, which I’ll garnish with three green olives, a nice Marcytini and assorted tasty low-carb bread that arrived yesterday from Netrition. Low-carb bread is a total miracle for diabetics like yours truly because I can eat a mountain of bread & butter (my favorite food group right after canned meat) without raising my blood sugar. Glorioski!

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