Wednesday, February 12, 2014

As much as I love Sam’s voice, his face is even better.

In this post: No weather, a new low, a nice chair, Dead Famous People.

Hi, everybody. For your possible interest here’s a bunch of newsy Wednesday afternoon crapola from Howdygram headquarters.

THE WEATHER. Dallas’ terrifying two-day “ice event” never materialized — another stellar forecast from the lying sacks of poo at — but this actually was a swell development because the roads were clear this morning and Sam’s flight to California left on time today at noon. If you care, the temperature here is 50° with bright sunshine and we’re expecting a high of 75° by Monday. IT’S SPRING! IT’S SPRING! IT’S SPRING!

HYPOGLYCEMIA (AGAIN). I’ve had three very low “lows” during the last 24 hours, the lowest when I woke up this morning at 6:30 shaking and my blood glucose was a very scary 45. I’m at a loss to figure this out, but in the meantime hypoglycemia leaves me so damn limp I can’t keep my eyes open. Diabetes is an obnoxious and inconvenient disease that involves WAY TOO MANY NEEDLES. Please tell your friends.

HAVE A SEAT. A friendly furniture dude named Greg is here right now (at last) assembling my expensive new office chair ... the one I bought online that was delivered more than a week ago in useless pieces (see previous post) and couldn’t be bolted together due to NO HOLES. Assembly is free and includes a vast number of apologies. However if I don’t sound appropriately excited it’s because I’m trying to stay awake. (Seriously.)

LAB RESULTS. Dr. M’s nurse called this afternoon with results from last week’s lab work. My hemoglobin A1C is 5.9 (that’s the holy grail of PERFECT BLOOD GLUCOSE for a diabetic), my cholesterol is still too high (screw cholesterol), my vitamin D level is fine and my kidney function has declined again. I was instructed to make an appointment with the kidney specialist who did my baseline sonogram a couple of years ago, so I’ll see Dr. Hsu next Thursday morning at 9:30. Hold a good thought. I’ve grown very fond of my kidneys.

And now for the latest edition of our popular celebrity obituary feature ...
Today the Howdygram remembers a pair of genuine originals, beginning with television legend Sid Caesar, 91, who died today at his home in Beverly Hills after a brief illness. In a word, Sid Caesar was FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS. (Okay, two words.) His weekly 90-minute live TV extravaganza in the 1950s, “Your Show of Shows,” was written by Caesar along with Mel Brooks, Neil Simon and Carl Reiner. Comedy gold, people.

And then there’s Shirley Temple, the unforgettable dimpled moppet who tap-danced her way through the Great Depression for 20th Century Fox. Shirley left show business at age 22 to marry Charles Alden Black and raise a flock of kids, also serving as United States ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia (under Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, respectively). I think my personal favorite Shirley Temple movie was Little Miss Marker (1934) with Adolphe Menjou. Shirley died on Monday. She was 85.

Sam just called. He’s on an airport transport bus on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles that’s heading to the San Fernando Valley so his aunt can pick him up. Hopefully next time he calls we’ll be able to use Face Time. As much as I love Sam’s voice, his face is EVEN BETTER.

It’s nap time, so please try not to make any noise for a while, okay? Thank you for reading this.

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