Thursday, February 6, 2014

The blue crap is snow!

In this post: Snowflakes, jury duty.

I think it’s snowing outside. I’d know for sure if I got off my ass and actually looked out the window, except I’m too comfortable at the moment to get up so I’ll just have to use the following screen shot from to make my point. See? THE BLUE CRAP IS SNOW! For the record, we’re expecting less than one inch. (I’m guessing flurries.) The teeny red star on the map below indicates Howdygram headquarters. If you zoom in, I’m the senior citizen in a red bathrobe enjoying an early-morning Marcytini.

Know what? Good citizen Sam has been summoned again for jury duty! He has to report to the Dallas County Courthouse at the crack of dawn on February 27, and I think this is the fourth time he’s been tagged for this crapola since we moved to Texas in 2007. I’m wondering if that’s some kind of record. (They must LOVE him.) In my case, I’ve got a permanent medical exemption because I nap three times a day, pee every 45 minutes and can’t stand, walk or drive. Other than that I’d be a really perfect juror if they’d let me work from home via FaceTime.
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