Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sodium and chemicals are two of my favorite food groups.

In this post: Sam, Spam, fonts, gas pains.

I was hoping to write another nice Howdygram post tonight, but Sam called on Face Time at 10:15 and we managed to kill an hour and a half gabbing about all kinds of crap, and now it’s almost too late for posting because I still have to take a shower, put out fresh bath towels, watch tonight’s Olympics coverage (I recorded it from prime time), shoot insulin and eat cookies. There’s just no end to it, is there?

You’ll be excited to learn that I finally tried Spam for dinner tonight. I originally wanted Spam for breakfast but my blood sugar started to drop and time was running out so I ate weird crap instead such as toast and American cheese with Beaver Brand Deli Mustard. But at last I had Spam for dinner ... AND I ATE THE WHOLE DAMN CAN! It was incredibly salty surprisingly tasty, and I just browned thin little slices in a frying pan and piled them onto low-carb white toast. I had the Spam with bacon, but as you can see Spam comes in a variety of gourmet options that includes fake hickory smoke, jalapeƱo, black pepper, 100% white meat turkey and original. I’m pretty sure I’ll order more. At $2.58 from Wal-Mart a can of Spam is a damn cheap meal with no carbs, lots of protein and a frightening quantity of sodium and chemicals. (Sodium and chemicals are two of my favorite food groups.)
And now for the inner child in all of us, here’s an unforgettable video of Jason Brown that finally answers the question: “What do figure skaters do when they have to pass gas?” If you’re offended by this please get over it as soon as possible. Gracias.

And finally, one last thought. Here are a few new fonts that I’d like to show off. I’m especially fond of Vampiro although I’m not sure why.
Thank you for reading this.

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