Saturday, February 8, 2014

Maybe I’ve turned into a jaded old lady.

In this post: Hot weather, 2014 Olympics.

Hi, everybody. It’s 7 o’clock Saturday morning, Sam is still in bed and the temperature outside is a balmy 35°. I use the term “balmy” because it’s finally ABOVE FREEZING, which means Thursday’s miniature snowpocalypse will melt into oblivion and we can run into the streets to welcome spring, which arrives with a thud sometime this afternoon. Today’s forecast high is 53°. Holy crap, right? HOT WEATHER!

I recorded the Olympics opening ceremonies last night — four hours! — but started watching early when I found out Sam wouldn’t be home from work until after 1 a.m. In a nutshell? I thought the entire hoo-hah was pretty boring, but maybe I’ve turned into a jaded old lady. Does anybody really want to watch a few thousand twentysomethings with ski hats and iPhones parading into a stadium? Or listen to a bunch of bullshit Russian propaganda disguised as history? (They left out the cossacks, the pogroms, the revolution, murdering their royal family, the Cold War, Stalin, Siberian prisons and the Berlin wall. Just for instance.)

For me, the opening ceremonies included only two genuine highlights. First, here’s Heidi Kloser on crutches after destroying her leg during a practice run on the Women’s Very Lumpy Moguls. Second, all the American athletes were wearing their hideous Christmas sweaters from QVC. (Just kidding. Their outfits are actually snooty designer crap by Ralph Lauren.)
I think I’ll go back to bed for a little while now and pester Sam. Don’t forget to drop in again later today for more Olympics news because I’m pretty sure nobody offers better coverage than the Howdygram. Thank you for reading this.

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