Saturday, February 22, 2014

Giardiniera is better than sex especially if you’re a senior citizen.

In this post: Home improvements.

Know what? I had a very nice morning with my buddies at Amazon! I ordered us a nice four-wheel garden cart with great big tires, 600-pound capacity and a clever “dump truck” feature (Sam can’t wait) plus a six-pack of Mezzetta’s intensely popular Italian mix giardiniera because this stuff is better than sex especially if you’re a senior citizen. Everything is illustrated below for your possible interest.

We had a plumber come over this morning to check out our failing water heater. He told us we need a new one, which we expected, and quoted us $2,100 to install a Rheem 50-gallon unit. While he and Sam were still in the garage yakking I found the same water heater online at Home Depot for $498, printed the page and showed it to Sam. The plumber was flummoxed — one of my favorite words! — and said he couldn’t come anywhere near that price. So he suggested that we just buy one at Home Depot and ask them to install it. Brilliant! After the plumber left, however, I noticed that our local Home Depot in Mesquite doesn’t carry the model we want but that Lowe’s has a complete line of comparable Whirlpool water heaters (all with five-star reviews) in the same price range. As I write this post Sam is already on his way to Lowe’s armed with four pages of water heater pictures straight off their website. The following map indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; B) our local Home Depot; and C) Lowe’s at Barnes Bridge and Galloway. If you zoom in you’ll probably see Sam.
Holy crap, I just saved us about $1,500! BRAUNSCHWEIGER FOR EVERYBODY!

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