Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let me know if you’re hungry. I’ll save you some Mexican Velveeta.

In this post: Hypoglycemia, stocking up.

Happy Thursday, people. It’s 6:30 a.m. and I don’t know why I’m awake at this hour except that my blood sugar is low again. Not scary low, just low (65). At this point the only thing I can do is to try injecting lower doses of insulin or start eating Cheetos. (I love Cheetos.)

Anything exciting on your agenda today? Aside from three meals and an occasional movie, mine’s a blank slate. If you care, I’m considering pickles & low-carb biscuits for breakfast with a nice slab of Mexican Velveeta that I found in the back of the refrigerator last night. Let me know if you’re hungry and I’ll save you some.

Hot news! Amazon just sent an email announcing that my February Subscribe & Save order is shipping this week. OH BOY! This month’s haul will include cases of Hormel canned tamales and Hormel smoked ham, a teeny can of Chinese hot mustard and multiple bottles of SweetLeaf Berry and Apricot Nectar drops to jazz up my Marcytinis.
Incidentally, those little cans of Hormel smoked ham are SCRUMPTIOUS. I use two at a time to make a speedy bowl of ham salad with mayo and sugar-free sweet relish. It’s my new favorite low-carb lunch not counting Vienna sausages.

Because I didn’t want Wal-Mart to feel left out I just ordered a bunch of ReliOn glucose tablets (raspberry and tropical fruit, two jars of each) and four cans of Hormel corned beef hash.
This always happens when I’m hungry. I definitely need a bigger pantry.

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