Friday, February 14, 2014

May your day be filled with romance, smiley faces and chocolate.

In this post: Valentine’s Day, 2014 Olympics.

I’m awake again and it’s way too early, but what the hell … I’m used to this baloney by now. Even though I’d like to go back to bed I thought it might be fun to hang out here with the Howdygram and annoy you for a while. But before I forget ...

May your day be filled with romance, smiley faces and chocolate. In my case, though, it’s mostly Face Time with Sam (he’s still in California), insulin injections and braunschweiger. I guess you can’t have everything.

I stayed up really really late last night watching the 3½ hours of Olympics coverage recorded from prime time on NBC. I skipped slopestyle and the skeleton (two stupidest sports EVER), watched a little of the women’s speed skating — Olympic history! China won gold! — and then settled in for the men’s figure skating short program competition. As always, this was worth the wait. But first, my thoughts in pictures about slopestyle and the skeleton.
Men’s figure skating began with a HUGE AND TERRIFYING SHOCKER. During warm-up Russian superstar Evgeny Plushenko was practicing a jump, landed badly and injured his back. Obviously in a lot of pain, Plushenko told the judges he couldn’t compete, announced his permanent retirement from figure skating, waved to the fans and left the ice! A few minutes later he told a reporter that he couldn’t feel his legs. Uh-oh.
If only U.S. figure skater Jeremy Abbott had retired, too, we could have been spared his wretched attempt at the short program less than five minutes later.
Nine seconds into his program Abbott’s first move was an atrocious triple flip, which ended in a spectacular fall, sliding into the wall ass-first followed by a short nap. He managed to get up and finish his routine — a lot of windmill arms and lame sexyface — but the bottom line is, nobody will ever remember him for anything except that FABULOUS CRASH. Holy crap.

I need to sleep now. Please try to come back later when I’m feeling more rested, okay?

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