Thursday, February 27, 2014

Terror lurks behind every corner.

In this post: Breakfast, appliances, shopping.

Good morning, people. It’s 7:30 a.m., Sam is on his way downtown for jury duty and I’m considering braunschweiger for breakfast or a Schwan’s microwave omelet. I’ll let you decide, okay? Click here to vote now!

Sam and I are entering the Twilight Zone of home ownership here at Howdygram headquarters. This year our house is 10 years old and so are our refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, water heater, A/C and furnace. TERROR LURKS BEHIND EVERY CORNER. The oven on our GE Profile gas range had to be recalibrated about a year ago due to scorched cookies and our slightly-leaking 50-gallon water heater is circling the proverbial drain. It’s being replaced next week with a new Whirlpool unit, posing below for your possible interest.
We’re actually lucky that the aforementioned leak is teeny. If the replacement had been an emergency we’d be spending $2,100 with a local plumbing thief who sells water heaters at predatory prices. Instead we’re ordering one from Lowe’s for less than $600 plus installation. So yay for us, right?

Everything else is just swell. For now.

In case you follow my ongoing online shopping adventures, I ordered all of the following excellent products yesterday from Wal-Mart: 1) three big sacks of Snyder’s honey mustard pretzel pieces for Sam; 2) lots of Hormel roast beef hash; 3) Spam; 4) healthy little pouches of StarKist tuna; and 5) Ziploc gallon storage bags. (I keep forgetting to try Wal-Mart’s store brand storage bags. Somebody remind me next time.)
Not pictured: A set of olive green wrinkle-free 500-thread-count king-size sheets that are exactly the same as the doody brown tan wrinkle-free 500-thread-count king-size sheets I bought a week ago. THESE ARE VERY EXCELLENT SHEETS. Really soft, a nice price and NO WRINKLES. Click here to buy some for yourself. Thank you.

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