Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The only thing that doesn’t hurt today is my hair.

In this post: Kvetching.

I’m hurting from head to toe today. This is probably the most aggravating horseshit I’ve ever experienced so I’ll break it all down for you by various body parts to help you understand what the hell’s going on around here. The only thing that doesn’t hurt is my hair. Seriously.

MY HEAD. I’ve had a dull ache in my head since I got up this morning and it’s been almost impossible to stay awake. At 9:30 a.m. I decided to take a nap on the chaise in the family room that lasted SIX HOURS. I pried my eyes open twice, sneered at the clock, said “What the hell,” and went back to sleep.

MY HANDS. Both are spazzed-out to the max right now with carpal tunnel and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. They’re frozen in the shape of a claw and feel like they’re BROKEN. I can’t bend or straighten my fingers, which makes it almost impossible to hang onto a Marcytini or use my cane.

MY KNEES. Holy crap, they’re KILLING ME. Stiff as a board.

MY FEET. Ongoing fun with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The sides of my feet are burning, I’ve got a plantar fasciitis flare-up in both heels and electric shock spasms in my toes. (Please don’t ask me to go dancing.)

MISCELLANEOUS. I pee too often, my eyes itch and I’ve got a craving for Vienna sausages with hot peppers and cole slaw.

On the bright side, I’m expecting UPS and FedEx to arrive momentarily with mountains of thrilling deliveries and I’ve got a bunch of our all-time favorite movies recorded on the DVR. These include: 1) The Heiress (1949) starring Olivia de Havilland and Montgomery Clift; 2) Dodsworth (1936) starring Walter Huston and Mary Astor; 3) the Hitchcock thriller Foreign Correspondent (1940) starring Joel McCrea, George Sanders and Laraine Day; and 4) The Music Man (1962) starring Robert Preston and Shirley Jones. A selection of representative photos appears below for your possible interest.
It’s time for dinner now. Don’t try to stop me.

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